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Access camera images over SCION network

The camerapp application contains image fetcher and server applications which use the SCION network. Documentation on the code is available in the


To install camerapp, run:

sudo apt install scion-apps-camerapp

See Installation for details.


The imagefetcher application requests an image file from the server in an ad-hoc UDP-based protocol. The result is stored to a file. The name for the output file can be given on command line, otherwise it uses the filename given by the server.

Run the image fetcher application with the command

scion-imagefetcher -s <server-address> [-output <filename.jpg>]

Sample servers are at:

  • 17-ffaa:0:1102,[]:42002


The imageserver application keeps looking for .jpg files in the current directory, and offers them for download to clients on the SCION network. The assumption is that the application is used in conjunction with an application that periodically writes an image to the file system. After an amount of time (currently set to 10 minutes), the image files are deleted to limit the amount of storage used.

Run the image server application with the command

scion-imageserver -p <port>

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