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Preparation for the Tutorial

To avoid delays due to software downloads and installation during the tutorial and to be able to gauge the number of participants, please complete the following steps before the start of the tutorial (i.e., before 1:30pm EDT on August 14):

  1. Install VirtualBox and Vagrant on the machine you intend to use in the tutorial. Please check the “Troubleshooting” section below if you encounter any issues with installing Virtualbox.
  2. Sign up at SCIONLab. In the registration form, please include “SIGCOMM2020” in the Organisation field.
  3. Create a SCIONLab AS:
    • Navigate to My ASes and click Create a new SCIONLab AS.
    • Select the geographically closest attachment points.
    • Enable Use VPN and select the installation type Run SCION in a Vagrant virtual machine.
    • Confirm by clicking Create AS.
  4. Download the generated tarfile, extract the Vagrantfile and start the VM by executing vagrant up.
  5. Check the health of your AS:
    • Enter the virtual machine with vagrant ssh.
    • Run a SCMP echo (analogous to ICMP echo for SCION) to one of our computers, with
      scmp echo -remote 17-ffaa:0:1101,
    • You should now see reply messages such as
      128 bytes from 17-ffaa:0:1101,[] scmp_seq=0 time=49.45ms.
      If not, you can report the problem to us via the tutorial’s slack channel or contact us by email. In the latter case, please mention that you will be part of the SIGCOMM workshop.

For further information please refer to the general tutorial VM installation page.


VirtualBox has some issues on macOS Catalina. If you encounter any of these issues, these remediations may help to get it running:

  • Provide permissions to VirtualBox:
    • If installation does not seem to progress, open the “System Preferences”, select “Security & Privacy” and enable the installer to run (in the “General” tab you can click to permit the installer to execute)
    • In the “Privacy” tab, provide access to VirtualBox for the following categories: “Full Disk Access”, “Accessibility”.
  • If running the SCION setup with Vagrant hangs, then reboot the machine (you can also manually kill all the VirtualBox processes), and then start the VirtualBox GUI, click on the SCIONLabVM machine, select “Settings”, then select the “System” tab, then select the “Processor” tab. Here, select only a single CPU, instead of the configured 2 CPUs.
  • If all this fails to get VirtualBox to run, we recommend installing the latest version of the old VirtualBox 5.2, which you can obtain here:

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