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This section describes sample applications with SCION support. These applications are maintained in our scion-apps GitHub repository.


All of these applications require a running SCION endhost stack, i.e. a running SCION dispatcher and SCION daemon. This can be on the machine running your entire SCIONLab AS or a separate end host. Please refer to setup instructions the end host configuration section.


All applications allow to specify remote hosts either by SCION addresses of the form <ISD>-<AS>,[<IP>], or as a hostname. Hostnames are resolved by scanning the /etc/hosts file or by a RAINS lookup.

Hosts can be added to /etc/hosts by adding lines like this:

# The following lines are SCION hosts
17-ffaa:1:10,[]	server1
18-ffaa:0:11,[]	server2

Please refer to the section on RAINS on how to configure name resolution using RAINS.

Multiple local end host stacks

When running multiple local ASes, e.g. during development, the address of the sciond corresponding to the desired local AS needs to be specified in the SCION_DAEMON_ADDRESS environment variable.

Please refer to the documentation in the scion-apps/README.

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