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bat (“cURL for SCION”)

The scion-apps/bat application is a clone of astaxie/bat, a cURL-like tool for sending HTTP requests to webservers and retrieve information in a human-readable format. Our fork extends bat with native SCION support.


To install bat, run:

sudo apt install scion-apps-bat

See Installation for details.


The general usage of bat is: bat [flags] [Method] URL [Item]


Flag Meaning
-b benchmarking mode
-b.N number of benchmark requests to send (default 1000)
-b.C number of parallel clients in benchmark (default 100)
-body Send raw data as body
-d download mode with progress bar
-f send data application/x-www-form-urlencoded (default false)
-j send data application/json encoded (default true)
-p pretty print JSON responses (default true)
-print A (all), H (request header), B (request body), h (response header), b (response body), any combination possible
-v show version number


The method can be any of the regular HTTP methods. It defaults to GET if there is no data to send and to POST otherwise.


bat accepts both, SCION addresses and hostnames in URLs. Hostnames are resolved by a RAINS request or by scanning the /etc/hosts/ file. The scheme defaults to HTTPS, unencrypted HTTP is not supported.


key=value JSON/form-encoded key-value pair
key:value custom header
key=@/path/to/file send file content as value


scion-bat https://host1:8080/hello
scion-bat https://18-ffaa:1:2,[]:8080/hello

Example SCION web server

An example SCION http server application can be found in scion-apps repository.

To build and start the servers, simply run go run main.go in the corresponding source code directory. Optionally specify -p to set a different port than 443.

This server has the following routes:

  • /hello, replies with a greeting
  • /json, replies with some JSON data
  • /image, replies with an image
  • /form, extracts POSTed form data and puts it in the reply

Some example invocations. The place-holder <server> is to be replaced with the address of the server started above. e.g. 17-ffaa:1:abc,[]; if you add this address to your /etc/hosts file you can also use a name instead.

scion-bat <server>/hello
scion-bat <server>/json
scion-bat -d <server>/image  # writes the downloaded image file to current working dir
scion-bat -f <server>/form foo=bar
scion-bat -b <server>/hello  # run a benchmarks

Copyright © 2020, Network Security Group, ETH Zurich