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Webapp SCIONLab Apps Visualization

Webapp Features

This Go web server wraps several SCION test client apps and provides an interface for any text and/or image output received. SCIONLab Apps are on Github.

Two functional server tests are included to test the networks without needing specific sensor or camera hardware, imagetest and statstest.

Supported client applications include camerapp, sensorapp, and bwtester. For best results, ensure the desired server-side apps are running and connected to the SCION network first. Instructions to setup the servers are here. The web interface launched above can be used to run the client-side apps.


Simply adjust the dials to the desired level, while the icon lock will allow you to keep one value constant.

Webapp Bandwidth Test


The retrieved image will appear scaled down and can be clicked on to open a larger size.

Webapp Image Test


Webapp Stats Test

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